Become a Voice Creator

Interested in creating walla and crowdsourcing collections together with people all over the world? Drop me a line below: I’ll add you to the Wallabank Slack group so you can join in the discussion.

Respeecher offer a 3 day free demo to try it out. After that, I can offer you, thanks to their very generous support of this project, a promo code – SOUNDCROWD20 – giving you access to Respeecher for 3 months for only $20 a month. This will give us plenty of time to create lots of material together in order to get the collection up and running as soon as possible. Make the most of it! (When you sign up for the demo or the 3 month promo, do please ensure you cancel your subscription immediately otherwise it’ll auto-renew at the end of the demo / promo and charge you for a subsequent month).